Wednesday, June 23, 2010



06.22.10 - Change: In the Blink...

Life is full of curve balls.  Things that you once thought were "stable" can change in the blink of an eye.  And sometimes--most of the time, in fact--it seems that everything good comes out of change.  Even when we try to fight it.

Evidence from the sudden drop in blog dates, my life was thrown a little off track after starting the PIF Project last year...or so I thought.  But as it turns out, getting thrown off track has thrown me EXACTLY to the point in life where I need to be: Motivation Road.  In the past 9 months, I successfully moved out of a life that was overwhelming me with "stuff" and into a new world of open doors and possibilities.  I feel like I can do anything.

I think we've all heard the saying, "90% of success in life is just showing up."  As I sit in my living room surrounded by business magazines, Oprah's Live Your Best Life book, my nerdy scrapbook of local successful entrepreneur articles, and my dog drifting to sleep next to me, I am bursting with ideas about what I want my future to look like.  In doing so, I have come to realize that 90% of success has to be about more than just showing up.  I've been showing up for years.  It has to do with love, passion, motivation, and surrounding yourself with a good support system.  But mostly, the secret is just getting out of your own way.

More to come about what I've been doing since the Paint it Forward project took a little hiatus from blog world. 

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