PAINT IT FORWARD | Inspired to "Find My Why". Collection of thoughts & random artistic/good will projects. Here goes...something.
Me (on Left) & My Amazing Partner
ABOUT ME | I'm a marketing professional, business consultant, adrenalyn junkie, devoted partner, foodie, traveler, youngest of 6, persnickety coffee drinker, rotarian, apple loyalist, and lover of life...to name a few.

THE WORLD, ACCORDING TO ME | I love being able to remember a conversation with a loved one. I hate it when memories fade into bits and pieces which is why I admire photographers who can capture a timeless moment. I love standing still long enough to create, write or breathe in the world around me. I love to travel. I've walked thousands of miles, yet I've only touched a speck. I am grounded but adventurous. I miss my Grandpa Jack and my "cute little Grandma," but love the imprint they made on my life. I see beauty in every day things and remember details that most will forget.  I try to treat every day like a brand new page because age isn't just a number to me, it's a blessing. I have a ridiculously supportive family, a loving partner, and hopefully someday in the not-so-distant future, we'll have a little one (or two) to spoil as our own.  I love to learn and be mentored by anyone willing to teach and share their experience.  I seek inspiration often and believe that continous self reflection is the only path to meaningful growth.  The world is my canvas and this is only my beginning...
Our Weird Little Happy Family (Emerson, Chris, Amanda, Rosie)