Bucket List

Every year, my Bucket List grows...and I'm grateful for that. Every birthday I celebrate reminds me to live my life openly, honestly, without regret...and with plenty of adventure. Here's to that...


  1. Be the first in my family to graduate from college. (2007)
  2. Get my MBA. (2009)
  3. Make a scholarship donation in my Grandpa Jack's memory. His last words to me were "Never stop learning. When we stop learning, we stop growing."(2009) 
  4. Publish a children's book.
  5. Build a website. (2010)
  6. Start my own business. (2009)
  7. Help a nonprofit get their business off the ground. (2012)
  8. Raise more than $1,000 for a chairty that I care about.(AIDS Walk, 2010)
  9. Start a long term project to raise 6 figures for a charity that I care about.
  10. Give away a painting. (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  11. Bungee jump. (New Zealand, 2005)
  12. Skydive.
  13. Go whitewater rafting. (Colorado, 2002)
  14. Live my life 100% "out of the closet."(November, 2009)
  15. Move downtown. (2011)
  16. Live somewhere that I can walk to shops & restaurants. (2011)
  17. Live in another state. (UT 1998-2000, FL 1999, WA 2013)
  18. Move out of Missouri PERMANENTLY.(2013)
  19. Touch my uncle's name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall (we have the same birthday).(2008)
  20. Go to Hawaii with my mom & my grandma to hear stories about when she was young.(Laie, 2005)
  21. Go through Hawaii archive photos and find pictures of my grandparents.
  22. Go to Samoa and see our family land with my mom.
  23. Roadtrip through Oregon with a list of the homes my grandpa built & knock on a few doors.
  24. Give my heart to someone completely.(December, 2009)
  25. Volunteer doing something meaningful with kids who are sick.
  26. Volunteer doing something meaningful with at risk kids.(2009, 2010)
  27. Learn how to speak Samoan.
  28. Learn how to speak Spanish.
  29. Learn to play the guitar / ukelele.
  30. Take a surf lesson.
  31. See a play on Broadway.(2006)
  32. Sit front row for a Dave Matthew's show.(2007)
  33. Climb the Great Wall.(2009)
  34. Take a gondola ride in Venice.
  35. See the view from the upper deck of the Eifel Tower.(2004)
  36. Participate in a mission project.
  37. Participate in an AIDS walk in my uncle's name.(2010)
  38. Go to Africa.
  39. Take a train ride through Canada.
  40. See the Grand Canyon.
  41. Eat fish & chips in London.(2004)
  42. Visit the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa in person.(2004)
  43. Take a picture of the Sistine Chapel ceiling even though I'm not supposed to.(2004)
  44. Paint a mural.(2003, 2004, 2005)
  45. Participate in a live art show.(2005, 2006)
  46. Hang my artwork in a real gallery showing.(2009)
  47. Go to the Rothko Chapel.
  48. Learn sign language.
  49. Cut my long hair and donate to charity.(Several Times)
  50. Shave my head for a good cause.
  51. March and protest with a group to change a law that is discriminatory.
  52. See Maya Angelou speak and read poetry in person. (UMKC, 2006)
  53. Meet Annie Leibovitz. (Artist reading & book signing, 2007)
  54. Write down my parents stories...and stories they have about their parents.
  55. Learn more about where my food comes from.(2011, 2012)
  56. Make big changes to lower my carbon footprint by 50%.
  57. Publish one of my cards.
  58. Become a "Big Sister" to a kid in need.
  59. Attend a Harlem Globetrotters game.
  60. Pay off student loans and become debt free again.
  61. Buy a train or plane ticket to wherever the next available destination is.
  62. See my nieces and nephews succeed by encouraging their talents.
  63. Take a one-on-one trip with each of my siblings. (Nick: D.C., 2008)
  64. Meditate.
  65. Find a church or spiritual place that I belong.
  66. Propose to and marry the person I love, LEGALLY.(Propose: 11/10/2013)
  67. Become a mom.
  68. Build our dream home, sustainably and responsibly.
  69. Build a cabin on my parent's land.
  70. Buy a home that my grandpa built so that it's always in our family.
  71. Visit Alaska with Amanda's parents to hear about growing up there.
  72. Financially support my family 100% so that my partner can stay home with our kids.
  73. Take our kids on a mission trip so they can see what it's like in other countries.
  74. Take a roadtrip with my family in a RV.
  75. Meet Aaron Draplin, my design hero. Invited him to speak at BrandLabKC.com, 2013
  76. Scan old photographs from my parents and grandparents and write down the stories.
  77. Scan our photographs from growing up so that my kids will have them.
  78. Participate in a venture creation contest.(Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2009, Startup Weekend KC 2012-Spring, Startup Weekend KC 2012-Fall, Dwolla Old MacDonald Hackaday 2012, Compute Midwest Hackathon 2012, Screenland Brand Lab 2013, Startup Weekend Bellevue 2013)
  79. Find a mentor. (2012, 2013, 2014)
  80. Be a mentor.
  81. Take golf lessons.
  82. Take dance lessons as a couple.
  83. Build an app.(2012, 2013)
  84. Donate design to an app that promotes donating to a social cause. (Hungermob.com-2013)
  85. Go to Kauai with my partner. 2014
  86. Visit some of the National Parks.
  87. Rebuild or restore a hotrod or old car with my dad.
  88. See a Pow-Wow competition up close and personal.
  89. Write my will & talk to my family about what I want. (2011)
  90. Read Mark Shane's The Civil War: Traitor Tyrant Assassin, Chief of the Rebellion.  This is the book my grandpa spent the last half of his life writing. (2013)
  91. Go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in Fenway Park.

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