Friday, March 27, 2009

China Top 5

1. Climbing the Great Wall w/my Nemo Lung

Climbing the Great Wall is something I had on my Bucket List of things to do. I hiked to the highest peak that you can see behind my head, but once I got there, we realized that it was a dead end. A DEAD END on the Great Wall - who knew?!

2. Bonding with the group

More so than our Legislative Residency in D.C., our EMBA group really seemed to bond on this trip. Perhaps it was because we found unity in the experience of being the minority, for better or worse, in a different country. Or maybe it was just the relaxing night of Shanghai karaoke. Whatever it may be, this was a trip that will not soon be forgotten.

3. Watching Miller strut in his mini-me tailored suit

So this is what happens when you wait until the last day in Shanghai to have a suit made. It was a skin tight, shiny, polyester-looking, "sausage casing," as John called it. Though, our interpretation of that was much different than his. Nevertheless, he was a good sport and gave the late night crew a few turns 'round the Park Place catwalk. His catwalk was so impressive that I had to make a GQ cover to debut the "handsome suit." Here's to you, Mr. Miller : )

P.S. I love you John!

4. Wasabi Peanuts - thanks, Molly!

No, these aren't mints. These little green whipper snapper snacks were the key to burning the taste of unknown oil off your tongue after a long hard day of eating foreign foods. OK, in all honesty, the food wasn't THAT bad...but these wasabi nuts rock! I give them 5 stars. I loved them so much that I brought a bag of them home.

5. Drippy : ) a.k.a. Hai Bao

After a long day of walking the city, Hai Bao was a familiar face that we could count on...because he/she is everywhere!! This little blue character is the mascot for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, of which the U.S. does not have a presence (but don't get Ken started on that one--or actually, do. It's a conversation worth listening to). Hai Bao, which means "treasure of the sea," was created to accomplish the following functions: 1) embody culture of hosting country, 2) interpret theme "Better City, Better Life," and 3) posess the value of recreation. He's pretty cute, too!


Montira said...

#3 still makes me laugh! I haven't laugh that hard in so long... that was a fun night.

Nemo lung... (lol) You should ask Roos about nemo lung. We raced and ran up one part of the wall and I thought at one point that I had to give him CPR!

Bree said...

Wow, what a cool site Louie! So inspiring! I have to say, it made me laugh your comment at the top about you being narcissistic, because to me that includes no humility whatsoever, and from what i gather, you have a great deal of humility! But I kinda believe, being American can lead to, often encompasses a kind of confidence once the arrogance is tempered that many in other countries are floored by...and I agree, too, traveling abroad, being a minority is a totally life-changing experience if one lets it be--I think for the better, and I admire your treking off across the globe to parts unknown AND then sharing it in this amazing way! Sooo cool to see your creativity through this site! Thanks for doin' it!! I loved the mini-me suit and yuck! woosabi! : ) you look great girl, so glad you got another place, another country in red and under your belt! Love to you!