Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where I've Been

Where My Feet Have Taken Me | It's amazing to look at this map and think about all the places in the world that my feet have taken me (shown in red)...and likewise, all the places they have yet to be. I would like to think that domestic and international travel has helped shape me into a well-rounded person, but who's to say what "well-rounded" really means? Experiencing what life is like in other countries is always an opportunity that I welcome with open arms. I've never really thought about it, but maybe I have this outlook because of my mom. When I was younger, it wasn't unusual for my siblings and I to come home to a packed car with a map of the U.S. in the passenger seat. I remember stages of my life through the road trips that we took. Mountain Dew, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, and mixed tapes...all staples to our cross country drives. I had an amazing childhood thanks to loving parents and siblings that I wouldn't trade for anything (though, that wasn't always the case : ). My mom taught me to be adventurous, and to love the idea of the unknown. She taught me to embrace other people, other cultures, and to "know no stranger." My grandma had the same philosophy in life, and if you had the privilege of knowing her, it's not hard to guess why my mom turned out the way she did...and why I, too, am growing into the person I am today.

My Grandpa Jack was the same way -- he loved exploring the world around him...from his backyard to wherever his feet took him. He was a builder who left his legacy standing in the sound structures he built with his own two hands, from the West Coast to the Midwest. My dad's parents traveled all over the states, so he, too, saw the world from the passenger's seat. Sadly, I think this is something that today's generations will not experience. Today, it seems like it's all about "hurry up and wait" and road trips take far too long versus the comfort of a cushy plane ride.

As I have often said, when people ask me about where I've been, I've traveled thousands of miles but hardly touched a speck of the world around me. Hopefully, in another 30 years of life, more and more of this map will turn red...but only time will tell where my feet will take me next.

Top 5 Places I'd Like to Visit:
1. Samoa
2. Scotland
3. Africa
4. India
5. Thailand

If you're wondering where I got this awesome map, Google "World 66," or just click here:


Rachelle said...

yeah!!! IT worked!!! love your new background too. you are so cute. Look at all the places you have been!! i have one request, i want to go to india or thailand with you!!! i love you!!!

Louie said...

It's a deal ;*) Love you too!

Montira said...

You can come to Thailand & India with me! I go to Thailand 1-2 times a year to see family and I visit India about once a year. How about 2010? :)

Rachelle said...

ok, now you can be my follower!?! LOL. can you do it to both my blogs, i deleted the old followers but i'll keep them from now on. so glad i get to comment now!

Louie said...

I didn't know if you were talking to me or Montira since she invited me to travel ;) I'm following your writing blog but not the butterfly one. I still can't see the "follow" thing.