Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paint it Forward

So...I recently finished my Executive MBA and have mountains of debt that seem to be piling up around me. I find myself thinking about it all day long - at work, in my car, at home, while I'm standing in line at Starbucks [that was a joke--kind of]. Perhaps this is because I'm used to being debt free for the most part. But lately, an annoying sound, like a tick-tocking grandfather clock [who seems to have Suze Orman's face] chimes, "Show me the money!" over and over again in my head.

I'm in that stage where I want to pare down my life and get back to the basics, but no matter what I do, it keeps getting bigger. Yes, I know...that's the American way. But I'm getting tired of it. Consumerism sucks. There, you have it on record. Spoken directly from a marketing person. We make it look pretty so you'll pay for it. Don't get me wrong--I'm glad you pay for it because otherwise I wouldn't have a job. It's just that sometimes I look around at all the "stuff" that fills my life and wonder how in the heck I acquired so much meaningless shhhhhiiit [sorry, mom!]. Consumption is no longer equating with personal happiness in my life--it's only making it more stressful.

In an attempt to save my sanity, my checkbook and my agoraphobic third eye, I've decided to take on a new project...a creative nourishment project. Perhaps I arrived at this notion after seeing Julie & Julia and one woman's ode to fine cooking...365 days, 524 recipes. Or perhaps I just need some way of being "right" in the world.

So here's my challenge...

Paint it forward: 365 days, 52 artistic/good will/test in humanity projects. Why 52? Because I work full time and already stretch myself one a week is as good as I can do right now. That's 525,600 minutes to do some good with my life...and hopefully, for a few others. Here goes...something.

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Rachelle said...

what a brilliant idea! you are awesome. so glad you made the journey back to blog land so you can inspire us all! i want to think of my own little project now thanks to you! you are going to make amazing things! love u.