Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 1

08.20.09 - Day 1: Paint it Forward

My sister, Rachelle, is wickedly talented. She writes poetry, music and plays the piano by ear. After years of struggling to have children, she and her hubby decided to adopt and we couldn't be happier for them. They will be AMAZING parents!! Their baby is due in November. Is doing something for a family member cheating? Who knows! But who better to start with than a loved one? Using her words about self-discovery, I started on project numero uno. This will be a multi-layered process but here are phases 1 and 2. Stay tuned for Phase 3...

[Click here to check out her writing blog:]

If I had to choose a symbol that best represented me,
I'd have to chose a caterpillar in hopes of what I'd be.
For now I live in a cocoon all safe and tucked away...
But I'm building my wings, struggling through
And look forward to the day.

When my wings will be strong, and my colors so bright.
When I break through this pain, and settle in the light.
Then I will spread my beautiful butterfly wings
And humbly realize one important thing:
I was beautiful all along.

And in this knowing will come the wind
And my strength to finally fly.

Phase1: Mapping out canvas; Phase 2: Painting the background

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

you are AMAYZING! i'm so lucky to have you as my sweet sister. thanks for making my "new" steps so special. i love you!! ...and i love this! can't wait to see it. :)