Monday, August 31, 2009

Blinking Cursor Syndrome

So this is what happens when you try to write after a full day of work...absolutely NOTHING! You sit down, type your Title info and then it hits've been attacked by the plague of the blinking cursor. So in honor of this grinchly fellow, I've written a short little poem...

To the Cursor Who Makes Me Curse

There he stands,
Thin and upright,
Blinking and blinking away.
He makes no apologies
In stunting your work,
For forever will he stay.
Heckling, laughing
And mocking your existence,
Blinking and blinking away.
Staring you down
Until thoughts are withdrawn,
And nothing you've left to say.
He dances across
Your blank, white page,
Blinking all BL@I*NK!ITY# day.

Due to lack of creative juices, Paint it Forward will return later this week...

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